GiveTrack Launch: New video, demo, & launch presentation!

Yesterday we launched GiveTrack in San Francisco  Thanks to all who supported the event. 

See Forbes coverage of GiveTrack!

Check out our BitFilm Production promo video:

We are very grateful for BitFilm and Aaron Koenig’s time to produce this video pro bono!

You can also find some behind the scenes pictures and story from our day filming in Buenos Aires from Aaron’s blog post: ‘The Making of the GiveTrack Video.’

We have also released a new demo of GiveTrack:


You can watch our launch presentation at the SF Bitcoin Meetup Season of Giving – Bitcoin Holiday Party below. Thanks to the World Crypto Network for recording and sharing the presentation.

Learn more about GiveTrack.

Season of Giving – Bitcoin Holiday Party!

Season of Giving

Bitcoin Holiday Party!

Join Us on December 8th in San Francisco for GiveTrack’s Launch!

We are excited to announce the launch of GiveTrack, BitGive’s revolutionary donation platform. After over a year of planning, fundraising, partnership building, and development, it is finally here! Well, almost …

The San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup will host a Bitcoin Holiday Event on December 8th in San Francisco featuring BitGive and the release of GiveTrack. We have invited representatives from our charity partners The Water Project and Medic Mobile to join us. We look forward to seeing many of you there to celebrate the season of giving!

December 8, 2016
6:30-9:30 pm
717 Market St #100
San Francisco, CA 94103


  • Andreas Antonopoulos has donated several copies of ‘The Internet of Money’ that we will auction off at the event! He has promised to autograph them during his next visit to SF.
  • KeepKey is donating several hardware wallets for auction too!
  • Cryptograffiti will have art on exhibit and pledged to donate 10% of any sales that night
  • Debut of our new GiveTrack video, produced pro bono by BitFilm
  • Live charity drives with matching donations
  • And a few more surprises are yet to come … !

Event hosted by SF Bitcoin Meetup. Please RSVP.

Event sponsors KeepKey, Wachsman PR, Coinsource, & Lisk.

SF meetup
wachsman trimmedCoinsourceLisk

internet of moneycryptograffiti


  netki 2Goodwin new logo

Learn more about GiveTrack and our project funders.

4th Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference = Amazing!

An enjoyable experience was had by all at the 4th Annual LatBITconf!  This year we were back in Buenos Aires where the original LaBITconf was held in 2013. BitGive has been featured as a charity partner and our Founder has been a speaker at each of the four Latin American Bitcoin conferences.

The group of native Argentinians who organize this event are some of the most genuine and passionate people on this planet. They have worked tirelessly to establish a strong network of bitcoin communities across Latin America and in their home, Buenos Aires. They have established the Espacio Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Embassy, in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, housed with numerous Bitcoin and Blockchain startups and buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. The whole team has always put together amazing events that are full of great content and a lot of fun! They are also great fans of BitGive!


From left: Leo Elduayen, Rodolfo Andragnes, Connie Gallippi, Camila Gutierrez Zaldivar, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Gabriel Kurman, Juan Manuel Dominguez (Not pictured: Franco Amati)

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city full of European architecture with, of course, a Latin American flair. We began with a wine tasting event for speakers and sponsors hosted by Rootstock and enjoyed some delicious local Argentine vintage wines. We then made our way to a welcome cocktail hour at the Espacio Bitcoin!

The following day the official conference kicked off, full of amazing speakers and content, both from local Latin Americans and representatives from around the world. We were busy catching up with all our friends and supporters, handing out BitGive t-shirts, and catching the great sessions on stage. Our good friend Tatiana Moroz also performed over the lunch hour.


With BitGive Advisor Pamela Morgan and Alena Vranova.

Beautiful venue, Piazzolla Tango.

Beautiful venue, Piazzolla Tango.

After a full first day, the speakers and VIPs gathered for tango lessons and a tango show. The dancing and music was sensational, it had to have been some of the most professional dancers in Buenos Aires!

The second day was another full day of global and local leaders and entrepreneurs sharing their expertise and launching new products from mining to smart contracts and everything in between! At the end of the second day, BitGive presented and shared a sneak peak of GiveTrack, our bitcoin and blockchain based donation platform that offers financial transparency and project accountability in real time!

The LaBITconf team also put together a charity auction for BitGive and we auctioned off an original unique bitcoin-themed painting and an autographed cap, raising a total of 4.3 BTC! A BIG Congratulations and Thank You to Brooke and Bill Mallers who won the painting for 3.6 BTC and Jason Seibert who won the cap for 0.7 BTC!

Brooke and Bill Mallers, winners of the charity auction painting.

Brooke and Bill Mallers, winners of the charity auction painting.

Business, networking, and fun continued after the conference with a VIP karaoke night hosted by Rootstock, a day of casual networking with traditional asado in the country hosted by Gonzalo Blousson of Signatura, and of course events at the Espacio Bitcoin! Mr. Bitcoin of course joined the events with his enthusiasm!

We even did some filming with BitFilm while in the area for GiveTrack, more on that coming soon!


With Marek Palatinus (aka Slush) and Rodolfo Andragnes.


Espacio Bitcoin BBQ with Bill Mallers, Aaron Koenig, and Chris Guida.

Thank you to the entire LaBITconf team for hosting us in your beautiful home city and for having such a content-rich and diverse program and audience with lots of fun and amazing networking opportunities full of the local culture and, of course, your genuine passion for this community!

Check out BitGive’s presentation, a sneak peek at GiveTrack, donation tracking on the bitcoin blockchain, and the charity auction!

See this year’s line-up, the recorded presentations from both days, and links to the previous three years of amazing events all over Latin America at

Presentations from all four years can be viewed on the LaBITconf youtube channel.

Code Alliance

Benetech’s Code Alliance Program Supports BitGive!

IMG_20160507_163956[1]BitGive was honored to be invited to participate in three Code Alliance events this year, including CHI4Good Day of Service, GoogleServe, and a presentation to the Benetech team. BitGive works to leverage bitcoin and blockchain technology for nonprofits worldwide. Its most recent initiative is to build a Donation Transparency Platform, leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency of nonprofit financial information tied to results – allowing donors to see the dgoogleserve2irect impact of their contributions on the ground.

CHI4Good brought together a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers from all over the world to help BitGive. Diverse skill sets and backgrounds brought fresh ideas to the table. The team spent the day together offering their expertise to the project providing high-value, long-termgoogle bikes visioning; interactive user experience input; and data visualization expertise.

GoogleServe was an exciting day on the Google Mountain View campus with a team of software engineers, designers, and user experience experts. With a dedicated conference room and talented team, we tackled the day and fleshed out a comprehensive project flow, user experience design & wireframes, and even updated our Google Adwords campaigns for maximum exposure.

Lastly, our time with the Benetech team at their Palo Alto office was
an inspiring and rewarding experience. We learned more about the CoBitGive at Benetech 2016de Alliance program and Benetech, heard from volunteers working on other nonprofit projects, and presented BitGive to the group. We felt the genuine passion of the team to offer projects and programs that focus on social impact, and it was a refreshing environment in Silicon Valley.

All in all, our experience with the Code Alliance program, Deep Datta, the volunteers, and the Benetech team has been very empowering, motivating, and productive. As a small startup nonprofit team, the resources that the Code Alliance program has brought to bear gave us a tremendous boost forward, and we are very grateful.

Thank you, Benetech, Code Alliance, our volunteers, and the dedicated organizers for these events!

Update on the Donation Transparency Platform!

transparency platform graphic

We are excited to update all our supporters on our flagship project the Donation Transparency Platform!

After months of fundraising, project strategy, and planning; we are proud to announce the MVP (minimum viable product) is well underway thanks to our amazing funders and supporters! The development of the platform MVP is about 50% complete, and we are excited to share more updates as they are available.

The Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation joined the project’s original funders Rodolfo Andrages (Bitcoin Argentina & laBITconf), CoinFabrik, and Rocelo Lopes (CoinBR). Additional on-going support will be provided by Matthew Roszak (Bloq).

Personal champions of the project that deserve special thanks also include Matthew Roszak (Bloq) for strategy and fundraising, Juan Llanos for fundraising, and Dawn Newton (Netki) and Rich Morgan for technical strategy and expertise. Each of these folks have been instrumental in getting this project off the ground!

Without all these special, talented, and dedicated folks and funders, we would not be where we are today! THANK YOU!


Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation

Rodolfo Andragnes (Bitcoin Argentina)


Rocelo Lopes (CoinBR)

Matthew Roszak (Bloq)

and more!

Special Thanks to Personal Champions of this Project!

Dawn Newton (Netki)

Matthew Roszak (Bloq)

Rich Morgan

Peter Chasse (The Water Project)

Juan Llanos


You too can join the ranks of the supporters of BitGive’s Charity 2.0 Initiative and the Donation Transparency Platform! We have a dedicated and passionate team, and we are working hard to bring forward a quality product that will revolutionize philanthropy as we know it today!

 Support BitGive’s Donation Transparency Platform

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BitGive Kicks off Sustaining Donor Program with Keep Key & more!

Welcome New Sustaining Donors! 

We are excited to launch our new Sustaining Donor Program and with us to kick off proudly is Keep Key and an individual donor Mark Buettner!

Innovator ($2,500):                                Early Adopter ($1,000)


               Mark Buettner




This new program recently launched last month, and we are very excited to kick it off with our first two Sustaining Donors!

Keep Key is a simple Bitcoin Hardware Wallet that protects your money from hackers!  We are very grateful to have their support along with Mark Buettner! Our Sustaining Donors’ contributions support BitGive’s Donation Transparency Platform and our mission to drive innovative solutions to global philanthropy via Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Become a BitGive Sustaining Donor

You can become a Sustaining Donor too! Sustaining Donors contribute annually to BitGive at growththe following levels:

  • $10,000     Pioneer
  • $5,000       Revolutionary
  • $2,500       Innovator
  • $1,000       Early Adopter

You can also become an Individual Member, or make a one-time donation to BitGive anytime to help us succeed! See our Get Involved page for even more ways to support BitGive!

Thank You for Your Support!

Final Founding Donors!

BitGive would like to announce THREE final Founding Donors!

BitGive_Platinum FD_v1

  • Goodwin Procter – Platinum ($20,000+)
  • Helen & Joe Sangermano – Bronze ($2,500)
  • Maria Gallippi – Bronze ($2,500)

We are forever grateful to our Founding Donors who without their support, BitGive would not be here today! It took a village to get us to where we are now, and we appreciate all the amazing support we have received!

The Founding Donors Program officially closed in December; however, we neglected to properly recognize these donors at that time!

Please join us in giving them a very warm and appreciative welcome to the Founders Circle! Learn about all of our Founding Donors.  

If you would like to support BitGive, we have a new Annual Sustaining Donor program and an Annual Membership program. Donations are also tax deductible, even in Bitcoin!


BitGive Participates in CHI4GOOD!

We are honored and grateful to have participated in the CHI4Good Day of Service 2016!  

The event brought together a very talented group of nonprofits and volunteers for a full day of service prior to the CHI4Good conference in San Jose!

BitGive CHI4Good Day of Service team (from left to right): Professor Roy Ruddle (University of Leeds, UK), Greg Nelson (Georgetown University, US), Karsten Behrend (BitGive Board of Directors), Vyacheslav Ivanov (Usability Lab, Russia), Connie Gallippi (BitGive Founder), and Sean Manton (Boston University, US). Not pictured: Yomna Abdelrahman (Stuttgart University, Germany)

It was the first event of this kind for BitGive, and we were very fortunate to have a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers interested in helping out with our project. A diverse group both geographically and in skill sets and backgrounds committed a full day of their time and expertise to support our latest project, the BitGive Donation Transparency Platform.

The project will use blockchain technology to provide a transparency tool for nonprofits to offer donors financial information tied to results – allowing donors to see the direct impact of their contributions on the ground.

We would like to thank Benetech, CodeAlliance, and the CHI4Good organizers for their time and efforts in planning a great day and a very special thank you to our dedicated volunteers! 

See Benetech’s Blog about the day, including BitGive’s participation!

BitGive Donation Transparency Platform is Underway!

BitGive is at the cutting edge of leveraging technology for the nonprofit sector!

As part of this mission, we have begun the development of the Donation Transparency Platform to revolutionize philanthropy using blockchain technology. Please click the link to learn more.

Thank you to our early donors Rodolfo Andragnes and CoinFabrik for supporting this project and for future pledges from the Goldschmidt Foundation and Matthew Roszak!

Help us reach our goal!

Become a BitGive Sustaining Donorgrowth

Would you like to support BitGive’s Donation Transparency Platform and our mission to drive innovative solutions to global philanthropy via Bitcoin and Blockchain technology? If so, you can become an annual Sustaining Donor, an Individual Member, or make a one-time donation to BitGive anytime to help us succeed! See our Get Involved page for even more ways to support BitGive!

Thank You for Your Support!

View Our Recent Public Presentations!

BitGive’s Founder and Executive Director, Connie Gallippi, recently spoke at a special event held at Stanford University hosted by the SMU Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics before an esteemed contingent of government, family business, and investor representatives from Singapore.

Ms. Gallippi also spoke at the 3rd Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Mexico City.

See both of these presentations below!

SMU Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics (starts at 5:50, approx. 7 min)


3rd Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference (starts at 8:06:46, approx. 30 min)